Cingular and Motorola brings Scrolling News onto Phone Screens

Cingular and Motorola brings Scrolling News onto Phone Screens

Push technology is increasingly becoming popular amongst mobile and internet users. Instead of manually trying to get the information, we prefer to receive it automatically. And to add to this convenience, Cingular in collaboration with Motorola would soon introduce a service, which would bring an always-on data service that will send scrolling text and images to the bottom of cell phone screens.

Cingular would be marketing this service under the brand name: ‘Live Ticker’. However, the feature would be for now compatible with only a brand new phone being developed by Motorola. Cingular believes that this is just another extension of their wireless portal. The mobile screen would now guide mobile phone users to entertainment and products.

Market analysts believe that this push technology has a lot of potential for mobile users. Cingular on their part wants their users to start accessing the internet from their mobiles more and more. Live Ticker will initially offer about 10 content channels for subscribers. This content would be supplied by services like: CNN, ESPN, E Online, the Weather Channel, and Univision.

Motorola is due to launch their new v557 mobile phone in the market, which would support this functionality. In addition, another mobile product in the form of Screen 3 is expected sometime next year.

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