Apple set to sign long-term deal with Samsung for Flash Memory

Apple set to sign long-term deal with Samsung for Flash Memory

Apple is again in news for a possible long-term deal with South Korean tech giant Samsung. This deal is related to the flash memory modules, which Samsung manufactures and Apple uses in their popular digital music players iPod. This long term deal with secure bulk of the Samsung’s flash memory production for a long time for Apple and is worth several millions of dollars.

Flash memory already is in short supplies in the market with giants of the industry booking up most of the stock. Apple had already secured for itself around 40 per cent of Samsung’s total output for the second half of 2005. In addition, they are also in talks with the Hynix Semiconductor and Toshiba for additional supplies of these flash memory chips.

iPod are continuing to remain in high demand with the recent launch of Apple iPod nano and Apple iPod Video. Market analysts believe that Apple is slated to sell around 37 million players this quarter. Such a huge popularity of its music players has already helped the company touch its record best in the share market.

None of the new players in this mp3 player segment has managed to provide any competition to the Apple’s iconic player iPod. Even dell has admitted that the music player has helped Apple secure its current position and they have failed to provide any competition with their recently launched ‘DJ’ MP3 players. Market surveys have claimed that more people are now committed to buying iPods over its competing products than previous surveys.

All of these factors points towards more exciting times for the Macintosh maker.

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