AMD to launch quad-core processors in 2007

AMD to launch quad-core processors in 2007

Advanced Micro Devices has announced that they plan to launch quad-core processors sometime in 2007. In addition, they also have plans to shift to all-new processor architecture later this decade. Their competitors Intel is also in the process of shifting to a new architecture for developing new generation microprocessors currently.

This newly planned quad-capable family will result in a wide range of four core processors. This would include processors for desktops, notebooks and one for servers that can fit into machines with as many as 32 processors. AMD wants to continue expanding their multi-core processors in the future to improve the performance of the chips without compromising on input costs.

Their aim to move over to a new processor architecture around 2008 or 2009 is to keep their technological advancement over the market leaders and competitor Intel. AMD is also looking towards maintaining an average growth rate, which is twice the market’s average. Henri Richard, AMD’s chief sales and marketing officer said in a statement: “People that can trust us for their server technology can trust us for their client technology.”

AMD is looking towards more PC manufacturers who can start using AMD processors in their product range. This should help them improve their market standings against Intel. Dell, the world’s largest PC manufacturer recently started selling AMD processors on their web stores. If AMD can pursue them to incorporate AMD chips in Dell based machines, a lot can change for the company in the near future.

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