Samsung launches SPH-V7900 mobile with 3 GB memory

Samsung launches SPH-V7900 mobile with 3 GB memory

South Korean tech giant Samsung is already the global leaders in the manufacturing of flash memory chips. Their deal and association with Apple Computers has been in news over the agreement over the sale of flash memory. And they power most of the flash memory based Apple iPods which have become somewhat of a cultural icon of our generation.

The company is also one of the budding competitors in the mobile market and is catching up with the global leaders in Nokia and Motorola. Their latest product is one such model destined at the market looking for greater storage capacities in their mobile phones to store more content to make them available on the move. Samsung has launched the SPH-V7900 mobile phone and the best part of the deal is the huge 3 GB storage capacities.

This is also somewhat of a record for memory space available on mobile phones till now. With this kind of storage space, SPH-V7900 handset can hold up to three digital movies or 700 music files. The company has also said that the included functionality would help the users use the mobile phone as a portable hard disc for computers.

Samsung’s latest offering in SPH-V7900 also comes featured with a two-megapixel camera and dual speakers. The company recently launched a mobile phone with 1.5 GB space and this is just an update to that. Lee Ki-Tae, head of Samsung’s mobile phone business division said in a statement: “The evolving of memory devices in handsets allows the mobile phones to become the center for multimedia such as movies and music.”

Most mobile phones available in the market comes with storage space in the range of 100-250 megs capacities.

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