Yahoo! testing instant search result functionality

Yahoo! testing instant search result functionality

World’s most popular web portal Yahoo! and search engine giant Yahoo! are testing out a new feature on a beta site which enables the users to get instant search results for their typed keywords. This feature takes the concept of Google Suggest further as users get instant access to the top website for the keyword they are typing without pressing enter.

The company is beta testing this feature on a new sub domain and provides the option to users to add it on their main search website. This feature displays a “search bubble” while the person is typing a keyword or phrase. Users can then directly visit that search result without going to the search result page resulting in faster access to the information.

Users can still perform regular search on these keywords if they want to ignore the suggestion of the search bubble. The feature works well on all the three popular browsers (for PC) online, which are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. This is a good thing considering most new web features are mostly developed for the Internet Explorer.

This feature uses an innovative technology called Ajax, which uses a combination of Javascript, and XML technologies.

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