Google plans to monetize their Blog search engine

Google plans to monetize their Blog search engine

Google recently launched their Blog search engine, which has generated quite some enthusiasm amongst the bloggers considering it is the first of the three giants to have done so. The company now plans to research on what people search for on the Blogs and eventually use this search engine to generate revenues by targeting the audience based on what they are searching similar to how they generate ads on the normal search engine.

Both Yahoo! and MSN are expected to launch their Blog searching tools now that the market leader has taken the initiative. Blogging is hot on the internet with free services enabling more and more users to express themselves. Research said that more than 20% of active web users in the United States alone either Blog or read blogs.

This active audience makes it logical for Google to develop such a search tool. Jeff Reynar, product manager for Google Blog Search said in a statement about their upcoming plans with this product: “We want to begin the process of seeing what people want from a Blog-search product and how they use it. Right now, it’s in a testing state.”

The search engine currently has indexed just a couple of months of Blog data but it plans to go back further to make it a more complete search engine. That would be cool for the bloggers around the world.

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