Maruti Suzuki Swift Pricing

Maruti Suzuki Swift Pricing

Maruti is expected to take Hyundai heads on with the pricing of their upcoming Maruti Suzuki Swift car. After launching cars for the masses since so many years, India’s largest automobile manufacturer is now targeting the premium segment with their latest model from the Suzuki’s stable. The analysts predict the pricing of this premium hatchback to start from Rs. 4 lakh.

This price range would practically rip apart Hyundai’s offering in Getz, which is priced at a much higher tag of Rs. 4.5 lakh. Both the companies are known for their value based offerings and Maruti with their extensive service network and brand reputation for making reliable cars should get the customer’s nod over their competition.

The official pricing however is still not out. However, the company is said to be studying the prospects of launching the base model at the 4-lakh price tag. There is another advantage in doing so considering in the capital city of Delhi NCR road tax on the sub 4 lakh priced cars is comparatively lower at 2%. Cars at a price higher than 4 lakh have to pay a 4% road tax.

Delhi NCR is one of the major targeted markets and it might get the benefit of this policy. And if they indeed do take the chance of pricing Suzuki Swift at a considerable lower price than Hyundai Getz, they would quite likely force the competition to rethink their strategy.

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