Mozilla Firefox is now IBM preferred web browser

Mozilla Firefox is now IBM preferred web browser

Mozilla Foundation would be rejoiced to hear this news. International Business Machines Corporation has decided to adopt Mozilla Firefox as their browser of choice. They are making the nifty open source browser available to their 300,000 strong workforces. Microsoft is a competitor and this goes to prove how Firefox is being adopted by the corporates around the world. Mozilla Foundation has already received the blessings from Google and this would make it even more interesting.

Internet Explorer on its part is continuing to lose market share. More and more consumers and corporate users are moving on to alternative offerings. Microsoft has just launched the final of its MSN Toolbar Suite integrated with Desktop Searching. The lack of passion for the alternative products is visible from the fact that people cannot use non Internet Explorer browsers for desktop searching using the MSN’s desktop search engine.

IBM is also said to be migrating its entire infrastructure to Open Source solutions especially Linux so Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox fits in perfectly into that scenario. The browser has till now seen more than 50 million downloads from the official website and they are working hard on promoting the browsers to more people around the world.

Mozilla Firefox has also nearly reached a market share of 10% depleting mostly Internet Explorer’s market share. It has also single handedly led to a stage that Microsoft had to rethink their strategy about Internet Explorer and announce that a new version 7 would be released for the current Operating Systems as well along with the Longhorn release.

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