Motorola blames Apple for delay in iTunes enabled Mobile Phone

Motorola blames Apple for delay in iTunes enabled Mobile Phone

While the competition in the form of Sony has already launched their mobile phone, which also acts as a fully functional digital music player and a digital camera in W800i, Apple, and Motorola seems to be fighting it out. Both the companies have a big history and they both like to launch their products in their own style. While Motorola likes to showoff their innovative designs and technology early on, Apple likes to shock people with instant releases.

This difference of opinion led to no-show of the much-awaited Motorola Mobile Phone, which is supposed to have support for Apple iTunes Music Store. Motorola blamed the delay in the launch on Apple’s policy of releasing products when they are ready for sale immediately. This was what the media personals got to hear from Ron Garriques, president of Motorola’s mobile phone division.

He said to the media: “Steve’s perspective is that you launch a product on Sunday and sell it on Monday.” Quite clearly annoyed on the fact that they are unable to showcase their underdevelopment iTunes compatible mobile phones. However, the company made it clear that they are well on track to release two handsets in the market in this category in the current year itself.

Well, they better get their differences settled considering tech giant Sony is waiting to grab the initiative in this particular genre of mobile phones which could potentially negate the usefulness of carrying an independent digital music player like an Apple iPod.

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