Microsoft to enter online advertisement market with MSN AdCenter

Microsoft to enter online advertisement market with MSN AdCenter

It is quite surprising that Google is such a young company and they dominate so many fields of businesses that Microsoft is forced to enter each of them to provide competition. Microsoft ignored the Internet Searching market where Google excelled and overtook all of the competition to emerge as one of the best tools to use on the net. Competition took notice rather late and now we have three major engines with Google still dominating the market by quite some margin.

Microsoft have entered Google dominated fields with newly or re-launched services into the Web Searching, Desktop Searching, Online News Syndication and of course the webmail market. Latest news in is that Google’s domination in the online advertisement market is now challenged by Microsoft’s latest offering in MSN AdCenter.

MSN is going to unveil their version of the content relevant text advertisement in a pay-per-click text ad programs. It is quite different from the traditional methods of advertisement delivery on the internet considering the network use spiders to read the content on a particular webpage and deliver ads, which relates to the material on that page. This leads to delivery of better ads and in the end, more clicks for the advertiser. Everyone benefits as a result.

MSN at this moment uses Yahoo! Technology for their ad-deliverance, which is itself powered by Overture. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to launch the services in test mode initially and they would initially be available for users in France and Singapore.

Microsoft has no final launch date in mind yet but they expect it to be released publicly in the next 6 months.

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