Kingfisher Airlines to setup Kingfisher University at Thane

Kingfisher Airlines to setup Kingfisher University at Thane

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya owned Kingfisher Airlines has ambitious plans for the Indian market. The airline has already seen a growth record starting with just five flights daily to now around 56 flights daily. And within a period of seven months, Mallya has shown how to do business in the airline industry. The company now has plans to fly globally and has ambitious plans to achieve that goal.

Kingfisher Airlines is already in the process of acquiring five new A380 airbuses. And now Mallya has also announced that they would be opening an aviation school – Kingfisher University. In addition, it is no hidden fact that the airline company has shown considerable interest in taking over the Sahara Airlines operations.

Mallya said on the aviation industry in India and his future plans for his pet project: “We are probably the fastest growing airline in the world. Nine of the A320’s have already been inducted in our fleet, one will be coming in today, and the tenth will be here in January.” They have ordered a total of around 34 A320 airbuses.

Mallya also noted that the company is most profitable on the Chennai-Bangalore-Pune-Ahmedabad leg and they plan to start more flights originating from Pune. He has also already put forward a proposal to the Indian government over their rules to allow India based airline companies to fly abroad. He wants the experience requirement to be decreased to 1 year from the current requirement of 5 years.

Mallya also added on the Kingfisher University plans: “The University will commence by end of 2006 and will be located at Thane, where we had one of our breweries”.

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