Google to establish a unit in Pittsburgh

Google to establish a unit in Pittsburgh

Google is further expanding its base and now has plans to setup a new engineering and research office in Pittsburgh next year. The search engine giant’s latest unit would be headed by a Carnegie Mellon University professor as per company sources. Google has also said that they would be developing search software applications at this establishment.

This latest unit from the tech giant would create as many as 100 new high-tech jobs in the Pittsburgh area over the next few years. The Pittsburgh unit would be headed by Andrew Moore, a Carnegie Mellon professor of computer science and robotics. Andrew Moore is currently running a research laboratory of 30 students, programmers, and faculty members.

Google has chosen Moore to head this laboratory considering he is an expert in data mining and artificial intelligence technologies, which should dictate the development of search application for the next generation of tools from the company. Randal Bryant, the dean of Carnegie Mellon’s computer science school spoke about Moore: “Andrew Moore has built his career on the twin challenges of developing techniques to extract patterns from large data sets and applying these machine learning methods to real-life problems.”

This latest establishment would be the latest in a series of setup Google has created near universities to tap the most brilliant minds coming out of colleges. Google has also participated in a $7.5 million Internet research laboratory along with rivals Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc.

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