Google goes musical with search engine integration

Google goes musical with search engine integration

Google would now let web users read reviews and purchase songs of their favorite singers from the search engine result pages. The company has integrated this facility in their search engine and now searching for musicians in the Google search engine would result in specialized content highlighted on the search pages.

Google is now displaying specialized links on such searches leading to pages highlighting songs from the musicians and also providing reviews from third party sites. Users can also purchase the music through the provided links to these third party services. This should bring a better experience to web users who typically hunt for music by searching on the Google search engine.

The music related content is placed similar to other featured services like Calculator, News and Encyclopedia content. The company also details about the songs on a particular album making it easier for the user to decide on whether he would like to go in for purchasing that particular music CD. Links to legal download services and stores are also provided.

Google however has also stated that they have currently no plans to offer music for sale or download as their competitors like Yahoo! and MSN have done. Google is in fact collecting no referral fee if its visitors click on the new music section and go on to buy songs from one of the linked libraries. They are however going to display relevant ads on these customized sections for music related queries on their search engine.

Sample Searches:
Sting | George Michael | Michael Jackson

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