Three new variants of the Sober worm out in wild

Three new variants of the Sober worm out in wild

Computer Security has become a major industry in the recent years. And there is a good reason behind that. One newly released virus or worm gives birth to many more variants make it even more complicated for the end user to handle the security of his/her computer. The latest news in claims that there are at least three new variants of the Sober worm out in the wild.

These new variants are using email messages to spread across the world. However, they only are activated once the user clicks on the infected email attachments. Some of these new variants are also capable of disabling antivirus programs, according to a report from F-Secure. Many antivirus companies have reported that they are receiving continues reports of mail infections from their customers.

Security Company Kaspersky have identified the variants as Sober.u, Sober.v, and Sober.w. Sober worm can hijack a Windows-based computer and force it to send spam e-mails. Continues sending of mails from infected customers can lead to overloaded servers and reduced network performance. Security companies have cautioned computer users to be careful when opening attachments.

Some of the possible attachment names in these worm-infected mails are said to be Exceltab-packed_List.exe, and Reg-List-Dat_Packer2.exe.,, Word-Text_packedList.exe and

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