Intuit Inc to setup a development center in India

Intuit Inc to setup a development center in India

India is constantly attracting more IT software companies. The latest one to join the circle is Intuit Inc. They now have plans to set up its India product development centre and is in the process of launching an engineering facility in Bangalore. Director of Product Development, Intuit, Ranga Shetty, said in a statement about their plans: “Intuit is committed to setting up the India product development centre and the engineering facility will house 90 engineers.

He added: “Our current forecast is to reach about 300 people in 4-5 years. As Intuit grows, we expect to revise this forecast upward.” They also plan to tie up with various IT-related companies, including consultants, vendors, and third-party developers to get things in working orders as soon as possible.

Shetty added: “With PC-based application playing a vital role in daily transactions, there is a focus on easy-to-use software with simple user interfaces. Recognizing this need, Intuit, a creator of three financial software brands in the US, has extended their development activities to the Indian engineering centre.”

Intuit is looking towards tapping the engineering talent available here to improve and further add-on to their software application `QuickBooks’ and other payroll solutions for small business.

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