Microsoft and AOL in talks over an alliance

Microsoft and AOL in talks over an alliance

Rumors are floating in market that the world’s largest software company Microsoft is considering taking a stake in the Time’s Warner America Online unit. If this indeed happens, it would have a major effect in the Internet content and services market. The reports coming in says that both the companies are talking aggressively with each other but nothing is clear yet on what can be the result of such negotiations.

Both the companies involved have declined to comment on these new reports in the media. AOL personally is struggling in the market it once used to dominate. Its ISP division is struggling against the new companies in the market, which are providing faster net services for less. And on the content front, Google and Yahoo! are the current leaders on the internet.

Even Microsoft is a potential competition for the company who are actively getting into the various markets of AOL. Search, online advertisement, content services is the mantra nowadays and all these companies are trying to beat each other to get the attention of the end user on the internet.

Market analysts believe that AOL and Microsoft working together would have a better chance to compete against the likes of Google and Yahoo! And the deal as a result makes a lot of sense.

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