David Jeansonne sentenced to prison for WebTV Virus

David Jeansonne sentenced to prison for WebTV Virus

Microsoft seems to have become the prime target for the virus writers. Their main offering in Operating Systems Windows XP is regularly targeted by various worms and malicious codes, However this time the news is related to their WebTV offering, which is now known as MSN TV. WebTV is a Microsoft Service, which lets users connect to the Internet and access the web using their television sets.

Around three years ago, an individual from Louisiana sent a malicious email containing an attachment to some users of the WebTV claiming that the attached file would change the WebTV display colors when opened. The file was in reality a script, which programmed the device, used to connect to the Internet to call 911 emergency services instead of the routine local telephone number to access Microsoft’s WebTV servers.

A few users fell for this trap causing their Televisions to call the 911 service and leading to police officers landing at the doorsteps of the victims. David Jeansonne was held responsible for this offence after an investigation involving Federal Bureau of Investigation led to his discovery. He has now been sentenced to prison for a period of six months in prison as per a statement released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California. He had been charged with offenses of intentionally causing damage to computers and causing a threat to public safety.

He had already pleaded guilty of the crime in February this year. He would also have to go into six months of home detention and pay a fine of USD 27,100 to Microsoft after he is released as a result of this court order.

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