HBO to provide content to Cingular based mobile phones

HBO to provide content to Cingular based mobile phones

Cingular is expected to confirm a deal with the television studio HBO. The deal would last a couple of years and see HBO delivering video clips of hit television shows including the Sopranos to mobile phones. Cingular plans to use this popular content to lure users to use a high-speed wireless network they are implementing in the various markets they have a presence in USA.

The company is also planning to expand from 16 markets to about 100 of the country’s top markets next year. This makes it important for them to provide more content to the subscribers of their services, which would be slightly more expensive than the current packages. Cingular was due to hold a press event at HBO’s offices today.

Ovum analyst Roger Entner claimed that as per their information, HBO has agreed to send Cingular customers exclusive clips of future hit shows as well as current programs. Considering the popularity of the channel amongst the TV viewing audience, this would be a big boost for the mobile service provider.

Entner said: “Suddenly the best show on cable is not working with its traditional partners. It’s certainly a body blow for the cable consortium and Sprint.”

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