Intel to sponsor BMW’s Sauber Formula One racing team

Intel to sponsor BMW’s Sauber Formula One racing team

The fight between the two-microprocessor giants in the market Intel and AMD would now be on display on the racetrack as after AMD, now Intel is entering into a sponsorship with a Formula-1 team. While AMD is currently working with the Ferrari Formula-1 team, Intel has announced plans to sponsor the BMW’s Sauber Formula One racing team.

Intel has not revealed the financial details behind this deal with the BMW’s independent venture into the Formula-1 season. However, the sponsorship is close to being a title sponsorship, which can range from $8 million a year for a low-ranking team to nearly $70 million for the best cars.

The deal would also require the BMW Sauber team to use computer products using only Intel microprocessors. AMD is increasingly putting pressure on the market leaders with their recent release of 64-bit and dual core processors. BMW would be rolling out Intel-based servers, laptops, and handheld computers to their employees and dealers over the next couple of years.

Intel would also get a brand placement on the BMW Sauber car as one of the major sponsors in a similar way we see AMD badges on the Ferraris. Ann Lewnes, Intel’s vice president of partner marketing said in a statement to a media group: “The sport is very demographically appropriate for us; it skews highly male, affluent, and technologically savvy. The reach, the audience and the fact that it is so technology dependent makes it a great fit for us.”

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