Boeing launches upgraded version of its Boeing 747

Boeing launches upgraded version of its Boeing 747

Boeing is feeling the pressure. They are being dominated by Airbus in the aircraft manufacturing market. And with the launch of the Airbus A380, it becomes even more important for them to upgrade their own largest airliner in Boeing 747. Boeing has announced that they have launched an enhanced 747 plane and have already received orders worth USD 5 Billion for it.

This stretched and upgraded Boeing 747 has been ordered by freight carriers Cargolux and Nippon Cargo Airlines. Airbus is due to start delivering their A380s from next year. Boeing would be using newer and more efficient engines on their new 747s to counter the attack from the Airbus’ new offering.

Luxembourg-based Cargolux has ordered 10 of the 747-8 freighter version. In addition, they also have taken purchase rights for another 10 of these machines. Boeing would be delivering these beginning from 2009. Japan-based Nippon Cargo on the other hand has ordered eight and took options for six more.

Apart from this cargo plane, Boeing has also announced that they are making a passenger version of the plane called the 747-8 Intercontinental. However, they have not received any orders for this plane yet. Boeing also claimed that their upgraded planes would be at least 20 percent cheaper to operate than the Airbus A380.

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