E-Commerce: 90% of online shoppers frustrated

E-Commerce: 90% of online shoppers frustrated

According to a survey conducted by the software firm TeaLeaf Technology, as many as 90% of the online shoppers felt frustration sometime or the other conducting shopping on the internet. The research team from Harris Interactive commissioned by TeaLeaf Technology conducted a study of online shopping, banking, travel, and insurance Web site transactions. They found that one in three consumers would go to a competitor if they experienced a problem.

Even more surprising is the fact that as many as eighty-two percent said they were unwilling to accept lower levels of customer service online than they would offline. This just goes on to show the lack of confidence a user has while shopping online. They are just happy if the deal goes through. Delays and other issues are ignored.

Most of the shoppers were frustrated about error pages coming up at crucial timings during the shopping process. Others found the shopping sites to be poorly designed or unorganized. Some of the shoppers found themselves stuck in a faulty shopping process leading to loops or server issues not letting them logging in into the service.

Being an online shopper myself, I can relate to most of these problems I have suffered personally. I have seen valid credit cards being rejected. I have seen dead pages at critical instances. Moreover, I have seen delayed deliveries of the products.

TeaLeaf Chairman and CEO Rebecca Ward said in a statement about their research: “Today, even the most sophisticated companies are forced to depend on their customers to report online failures versus proactively identifying issues impacting their customers. A single common Web application problem such as an endless loop or a business logic issue, for instance, could cost an e-business thousands if not millions of dollars.”

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