MSN expects China to become a giant internet market by 2010

MSN expects China to become a giant internet market by 2010

If there are not enough hints out already that China has become one of the most interesting market for the companies based in USA. Google and Yahoo! are both involved heavily in growing their base in the Asian country with the highest number of people living in it. Now, Microsoft MSN has also said that they are looking closely on the Chinese online market.

They in fact claimed that China would become one of the top five markets in the next couple of years. This would result in huge demand for online applications and services. They are planning to attack the competition and take a chunk out of the company’s $500 million (287.9 million pound) online advertising market.

However, as of now, China does not even come inside the top 10 markets for the company. Chris Dobson, general manager of digital marketing sales at MSN International said in a statement to a media group: “We’re starting from very modest beginnings in the Chinese market, but if we look five years out and if we haven’t graduated China to be in the top five of the world’s market, then we would have failed.”

The company also said that they have been quite successful in establishing their online services like Chat and Messenger through their MSN China website in the last couple of months.

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