Microsoft unveils business version of Desktop Search

Microsoft unveils business version of Desktop Search

Google has Google Mini and Google Search Appliance products for business users looking for solutions to searching for content on their intranets. Now, Microsoft has entered this market. They released a business version of software that aims to help people more quickly find documents, e-mail, and other data stored on Windows-based computers.

The company had to release their own version of desktop search after consumers complained about the lack of speed in internal searching solutions of windows operating system. Ever worse was the fact that Google launched their own Desktop Search solution that was impressive and feature rich.

The new business solution from the company is similar in looks to their currently available products in desktop search market. However, the product is designed so corporate technology executives can easily install it on many computers simultaneously, and better control how it is used. Microsoft is looking at this solution as an interim one as they are in the process of launching Vista operating system which is due to come with excellent searching features and capabilities.

This searching solution is also planned to be integrated with the Microsoft’s new Windows Live online offerings.

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