Rumors say Yahoo! joins the race for AOL

Rumors say Yahoo! joins the race for AOL

America Online seems to have become a cake everyone wants to eat. The company chief has clarified that they are not available for sale and there are no talks on with Microsoft. In addition to that, media has reported about possible Google and Comcast connection. If that was not enough, the latest news in reports that even Yahoo! has entered the fray. This is getting pretty interesting indeed.

The rumors claim that a person close to the talks revealed that even Yahoo Inc is considering buying a stake in America Online Inc. Again as the previous news stories, the talks are said to be in preliminary state compared to talks with the other involved parties. Another big name which showed interest is News Corp. but they are largely out of the talks at this moment.

AOL is aiming to change their core line of business from being a cheap internet access provider to a more diverse company. This includes the approach of providing content channels and making money by text based advertisement. A market where Google dominates, Yahoo!, and MSN/Microsoft wants to target in the coming days.

Market experts believe that the actions of Yahoo! are to hurt Google considering the AOL is alone a big advertiser for Google through their AdSense program and it would give them a platform for launching their own content relevant advertisement modules.

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