Apple might sell more iPod nano than expected

Apple might sell more iPod nano than expected

It looks like Apple can do no wrong when it comes to manufacturing digital music players. They started with Apple iPod in 2001 and virtually captured the market, which was once dominated by Sony’s Walkman range of portable music players. Sony is now struggling to match Apple’s products and Apple has more than 70% market share with their iPod range of music players.

The latest iPod variant out of the company is the ultra sleek iPod nano, which is as thin as a pencil and can store 500-1000 songs. It has been available in the market since the last 1-week and reports from the company says that the funky looking portable mp3 player is selling well in the market. A market survey revealed that most Apple Stores are already out of stock of the more popular black 4-gigabyte nanos in stock.

Apple however is prepared for this situation and is taking measures to get these stores restocked. The company has one of their manufacturing partner dedicate a complete manufacturing plant for this device considering the holiday season is due soon and the demand is only expected to rise in the coming days.

In fact, the launch of the new products has resulted in increasing traffic to the Apple’s website. They launched both the iPod nano and Motorola ROKR mobile phone with Apple iTunes support last week. The mobile phone however has failed to generate enough interest considering the lack of functionality it provides to the end user.

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