Boeing gets the Qantas order worth around USD 10 Billion

Boeing gets the Qantas order worth around USD 10 Billion

Europe based Airbus has received a major setback as their prime rivals in the airline business Boeing has snatched away an order worth USD 10 billion from Qantas Airways Ltd.. The order is for delivering 65 Boeing 787 Dreamliners jets and includes an option for additional 50 planes. Qantas is the world’s eighth-biggest passenger airline by market value and they took quite sometime to decide on what planes they were going to buy.

The value of USD 10 billion for these planes is at market price of the planes. However, looking at the massive competition between the two airline manufacturers, Qantas would have managed to take out a massive discount from Boeing. Qantas Chief Executive Geoff Dixon said in a statement about their order: “We regard the firm orders and the options as basically a done deal.”

The airline company also said that they chose the B787 because of its price and its latest technology along with better fuel efficiency and the ability to fly long distances. Chairman Margaret Jackson added: “This plan will give us a modern fleet offering maximum flexibility, lower seat-mile costs and greater fuel efficiency.”

2005 has been a great year for the airline industry. Both Airbus and Boeing are said to have received record-breaking orders from airline companies around the world and they are working hard on beating each other in the terms of value of orders before the year ends. The Qantas order would add to the lead of Boeing ahead of Airbus in terms of number of planes they have orders for this year.

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