MTV and Microsoft to launch URGE Music Store

MTV collaborating with Microsoft for an online music service

Apple dominates the online music download service and supports it well with their iPod range of music products. We have in the last couple of years seen many more players entering this market with Sony, Microsoft, Napster, Real, Yahoo!, Virgin and many more launching their own music selling stores on the internet.

The latest player targeting to launch its own service is none other than the popular Youth television channel MTV which is collaborating with Microsoft to launch its own music store early next year. The store would be called Urge and it would also be integrated in the next updated release of the Microsoft Windows Media Player.

MTV plans to offer more than 2 million tracks for sale individually or as part of a subscription package. Apple is the only popular music store, which is not offering a subscription service on their iTunes. Market experts believe that consumers would prefer to subscribe to music services rather than purchasing individual songs, which lose their value after a certain period of time.

MTV also in addition plan to launch an online radio station in addition to this music service. Microsoft would be providing them the technology and support and the Viacom owned MTV would operate and own. The channel has still not released the price structure of their upcoming music store but plans to offer differential pricing for different types of songs and music.

However, considering MTV would be using Microsoft’s technology, it would not be supporting the most popular digital music player in the market right now, the iPod. Apple uses their own technologies to copy protect music on their stores, which is supported by their iPod, and MTV’s technology is not supported by it.

Microsoft would be hoping that the youth of today who are hooked onto MTV otherwise would be attracted towards this service, which would now become the highlighted store on their media player application for the windows operating system.

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