A possible small car from Honda for India

A possible small car from Honda for India

Honda is one of the most recognized auto brands in the Indian market and consumers here have a lot of faith in India. The company has been selling cars like the Honda City and Honda Accord since quite sometime and is also present in the SUV segment with their Honda CRV. However, they have yet not released any details about a possible launch in the small car segment, which has the most volumes and where people would love to have an offering from the Honda.

The company has maintained since the last couple of years that they do not have any short term plans to get into this segment. However, Honda Siel Cars India president M Takedagawa has somewhat now hinted that they may be interested in the segment after all. He said in a statement: “We are studying the small car market. After all, small car is big business in India”.

However, he made it clear that nothing has been decided yet and nothing would happen at least in the next two years. The company is on its way to launch the fabulous Honda Civic sometime next year and a small car if any would take a lot more time to come out in the retail market from the company.

Honda has also said that they are going to invest close to around Rs 700 crore by 2010 in their Indian operations. The aim is to double the production capacity to 100,000 units by the end of this decade. However, looking at the aims of their competing companies, it is about time that Honda become aggressive with their product launches.

Toyota has hinted that a small car from them should be out in the market in another two years. Tata is already working hard on their Rs. 1 lakh car, which should be out in a couple of years itself. Maruti is already the market leaders and they would like to continue their dominance in this segment. Honda in the meanwhile would be manufacturing their Civic at their plants in Greater Noida.

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