Intel to launch virtualization technologies supporting microprocessors

Intel to launch virtualization technologies supporting microprocessors

World’s largest maker of microprocessors for Personal Computers, Intel is working hard on coming back in limelight with their new processors. They are expected to launch two new desktop processors today and these would come with hardware support for virtualization technologies. However, this technology is still not used by the current generation software and as a result, users would have to wait for sometime to benefit from them.

The two processors due to be launched are Intel Pentium 4 672 and 662 processors. These are pretty similar to already available in the market, Intel Pentium 4 670 and 660 processors except for the fact that newer chips would have transistors dedicated to improving the performance of virtualization software.

Virtualization technology enables the PC and server users to run multiple operating environments on a single processor, allowing one machine to be carved into several “virtual” computers. Computer users can currently create a software based virtualization environment by using applications like VMware Inc., XenSource Inc. However, the hardware support would make the process smoother and faster.

Software developers would require to update their applications to take advantage of these new technologies for users to take advantage of the new features. Intel is also due to integrate this technology in their dual-core Pentium D processors next year. AMD is also working on implementing it in their range of microprocessors.

Lenovo Group Ltd., Acer Inc., Founder Group, and Tsinghua Tongfang Computer System Business Group have already announced their plans to launch PCs based on these processors. Dell and Hewlett-Packard would wait until next year before launching their versions of the PCs running on these new processors.

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