Virgin Group to unveil Virgin Digital Red Pass

Virgin Group to unveil Virgin Digital Red Pass

Virgin Group is the latest player in the digital music sellers market to launch their own music subscription service in the form of Virgin Digital Red Pass. The market has gone competitive with players like Yahoo!, RealNetworks, and Napster. Red Pass is impressively undercutting other services by offering unlimited access for $7.99 a month without a contract.

Virgin users can now subscribe to this service offering more than 2 million tracks representing at least 15,000 record labels. Red Pass would also be featuring 60 professionally programmed Internet radio stations, CD ripping, burning provisions, and a host of other new features. Zack Zalon, president of Virgin Digital said in a statement: “We created this service because we wanted people to listen to and discover more music than they ever have before.”

He added: “Granted, the digital music space is becoming more populated, but we believe our 35-year history in music enables us to offer consumers a certain level of musical expertise that other services simply can’t provide”. The company is supporting Microsoft technology initiative called “Plays for Sure” and the subscription service will support all music players with this branding.

Apple iPod is of course not compatible with Microsoft’s WMA format and hence, users would have to use alternative digital music players.

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