IBM’s Blue Gene/L supercomputer retains top spot

IBM’s Blue Gene/L supercomputer retains top spot

In the latest round of tests for the title tag of the fastest supercomputer in the world, the IBM’s Blue Gene/L supercomputer has kept its position on the top. The latest list containing 500 contestants has IBM’s machine at the top ranked No.1. It achieved the top spot after setting a new world record performance of 280.6 trillion calculations per second earlier this year in June 2005.

IBM’s Blue Gene/L is still expected to continue its position at the top as it has still not reached its best position as per company sources. The machines in the top two slots of the Top 500 are unchanged from the last list produced in June 2005. Both the machines at the top are IBM Blue Gene machines.

Blue Gene/L is currently situated at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California while the other Blue Gene machine is at IBM’s Thomas J Watson research lab in New York State. Since the time the last list was compiled, Blue Gene/L machine has doubled in size and now harnesses the computational power of more than 130,000 processors.

It has a theoretical maximum performance in excess of 367 teraflops. Although, the best it has achieved until now is around 280.6 trillion calculations per second (teraflops). Interestingly, the latest Top 500 has four of the top 10 systems from the previous list bumped out by new entries. This goes on to show, how fast technology is improving in the supercomputing market.

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