Warner Bros and AOL to announce a TV Download Deal

Warner Bros and AOL to announce a TV Download Deal

The two mega media ventures of Time Warner, Warner Bros and America Online are all set to announce a broad agreement as per which a broad variety of the studio’s old TV programming will be made available as free downloads via the online giant. This announcement is expected to come soon and the companies involved are aiming to move TV content into next-generation distribution realms.

Recently, NBC Universal, ABC and CBS announced a similar program as per which their current TV programming would be made available through a wide range of on-demand applications. While, ABC has collaborated with iPod supported Apple iTunes, CBS has collaborated with cable giant Comcast. NBC is working on this project with satellite provider DirecTV.

Warner Bros would have an amazing variety of content for the viewers. However, the disappointing factor remains that no current shows would be made available for download. None of the companies has officially commented on these rumors in the market. The concept is cool, as Apple has proved it a massive success with the launch of iPod Video.

Their online digital content store iTunes recorded more than a million downloads of video content in a couple of days. Warner Bros would be hoping for the same.

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