Google considering a book renting service?

Google considering a book renting service?

Media Group Wall Street Journal has reported that search engine giant Google has approached a book publisher trying to analyze the possibilities of offering a book renting service on the net. For example, a user can pay a small amount to rent an online version of a book for a period of like seven days.

WSJ reported that the proposed fee for such a renting service would be around 10% of the costing of the book. They have not however disclosed the publisher Google is rumored to be talking with. This possible discussion points to a service on the terms of Amazon’s recently launched Amazon Upgrade and Amazon Pages.

They are already working on a digitization program called Google Print with aims to index books present in some of the biggest libraries in the world. It enables the user to search for content in the books. User can then view the surrounding sections of the book depending upon the copyright of the book and purchase it from the available links.

A book renting service can easily be merged with Google Print enabling users to pay to get access to the entire book on the net itself for a short period of time in digital form. Google as usual did not comment on these rumors floating in the market.

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