Toyota recalls Toyota Prius over probable stalling problems

Toyota recalls Toyota Prius over probable stalling problems

World’s second largest automaker and the manufacturer of the hybrid Prius car, Toyota has announced that it will notify about 75,000 Prius owners in the United States about a potential software glitch in their popular model. This glitch can result in the popular hybrid cars to suddenly stall or shut down. In addition, it might also result in causing warning lights in the cars to illuminate.

This can further result in prompting the vehicle to enter a “fail safe” mode that may cause their gasoline engines to stall. The hybrid cars use the combination of two engines, one is gasoline based, and it is complimented by an electric motor. Both of these work in conjunction to save on fuel and emit less polluting gases.

About the problem, it might not be as critical as it sounds, considering as per company’s statement… if the gasoline engine stalls, the electric motor in the vehicles will have enough power to allow the driver to pull the vehicle over and away from the traffic. The models made between 2004 and 2005 are said to be affected by the glitch. Company would be informing the owners of these cars and offer to fix the problem for free.

The company has sold 53,991 Prius cars in 2004 and 81,042 so far this year and still continues to have a long waiting list for consumers in line.

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