MP3 players to continue to be in demand

MP3 players to continue to be in demand for the next couple of years

This is good news for the Apple and other players in the Mp3 player segment. A research report published by the IDC has claimed that the MP3 players are going to stay popular and in demand in the near future. In fact, the demand is expected to keep growing at least for the next 4 years. Apple currently dominates the market with their iPod range of digital music players and has sold millions of players worldwide.

The demand is expected to touch an impressive 124 million units in 2009. This would be around a 370-percent increase from the 26.4 million units shipped worldwide in 2004. The study also took into consideration other similar markets like the DVD players, mobile phones such as the Motorola Rokr and gaming devices such as Sony’s PSP. These markets are also expected to show an improvement in the coming times.

The study also said that cost and memory capacity along with coolness would continue to remain the driving force behind these portable music players. With the falling prices of Flash memory in the market, these players are expected to get cheaper and offer more capacities in the coming times. Samsung is also planning to begin mass-producing 16GB flash-memory chips by the end of next year and has pointed to a 32GB prototype on the horizon.

Future seems interesting for these digital portable music players.

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