Truveo enters the Video Searching Field

Truveo enters the Video Searching Field

The latest entrant into the much hyped up video search engine is not some big shot name but a small startup based in the state of California in the United States. Truveo has launched its beta video search engine and the company claims that they search for video content by analyzing visual characteristics of a Web page rather than just text to provide better search results to their users.

Truveo claims that their Visual Crawler technology would generate better and more up-to-date results when compared to their competitors, which now includes big shots like Google and Yahoo. Tim Tuttle, co-founder and chief executive of Burlingame, Calif.-based Truveo said in a statement: “Other video search engines look for text within Web pages, but many sites don’t have text associated with video. Many (videos) are script-generated, use plug-ins or are assembled by files executed in the background by the browser and which regular crawlers.”

They have been indexing the files available on the web since two months now and the company says that it has been more than enough time to index more content than their competitors. However, they declined to reveal the exact number of objects available for search in their indexes. The company plans to monetize their operations by running ads on the search engine result pages and by licensing its search listings to other destination sites.

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