Flash memory provides healthy alternative to Hard Drives

Flash memory provides healthy alternative to Hard Drives

There are two prime methods of data storage for devices like MP3 players and mobile phones. While the cheaper and less reliable method is storing them on hard drives. This allows the manufacturers to get higher storage on little space. And with perpendicular storage technology arriving, this is going to get better with time.

However, more and more manufacturers are moving to the alternative method by using flash memory cards which have no moving parts are hence are less prone to going bad. But the storage capacities offered by these storage mechanisms are lower than those of hard drives. Technology is improving in this field as well with Samsung announcing plans to manufacturing flash disks with denser storage capacities.

The South Korean based tech giant said that their new products would provide so much capacities that it might lure companies into replacing hard drives with these flash disk in some personal computers. Their new NAND memory device would be using 16-gigabit density providing double the capacities of current generation flash disks.

A representative with Samsung said in a statement: “This year, it appears clear that NAND will surpass NOR as the most popular flash memory”. There are possibilities of making cards now, which can store as much as 32 GBs. This might not match up to current generation of hard disk storage but many laptops still ship with just 40 GB capacities.

If the trend continues, these capacities would become impressive enough to make them a viable replacement for hard drives in laptops and more gadgets requiring higher storage capacities. And the way Apple is going, all iPod running on Flash Memory might not be an improbability in the coming years…

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