Staellium UK showcases StealthText technology

Staellium UK showcases StealthText technology

If you ever were scared to send a message to someone you believed would come back to haunt you, there is now an option. The technology was somewhat displayed in movies like Mission Impossible series where the spy was sent a message which auto-destructed itself after a couple of seconds and now it is available on mobile phones provided you subscribe to a particular service.

A British company Staellium UK has launched a text-messaging service that will automatically delete instant messages after recipients read them. They call it StealthText and it is being touted as a way to increase corporate security as now businessperson could use SMS as a way of sending confidential information to other people.

Carole Barnum, CEO and cofounder of Staellium UK spoke about StealthText: “The ability to send a self-destruct message has massive benefits for people from all walks of life, from everyday mobile users to celebrities and business people.” The message is deleted from the recipient’s device 40 seconds after he/she begins reading it.

Barnum added: “More and more business people, when they reach for their mobile phone, are sending text to contact people they need to reach immediately. If they can do that and self-destruct their text at the same time, it is better for them.” However, the technology uses the WAP platform instead of relying on traditional SMS technology. And the sender has to download a Stealthtext applet to send messages.

The message is sent in the form of a URI where the recipient can visit to access the message. Not a very convenient way to conduct the whole process. Currently, the service is only available in the UK to users with UK SIM cards.

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