European Union proposes that cars should keep lights on all the time

European Union proposes that cars should keep lights on all the time

If we are to believe the new recommendations put forward by the European Union, cars in Europe would be required to keep their headlights on at all times, whether traveling in the day or at night. The aim is to improve upon road safety and cut down on accidents on the roads. The proposal also outlines new rules for the European car sector designed to make the industry more competitive, safer and improve environmental performance.

The proposal was put forward by the Cars 21 group in Brussels and it brings forward a 10-year strategy. The group is composed of EU policy makers, member state officials from Germany, France, Britain, Italy and the Czech Republic and industry representatives. European Enterprise and Industry Commissioner Gunter Verheugen also agreed that there was complete consensus on the framework among industry, environmental and consumer groups.

Verheugen said: “Everyone has agreed to abide by the commitments made within it. The car of the future.” The proposal would also help in making the environment clean, with massive reductions in particulate and greenhouse gas emissions. Some countries in Europe already enforced the law to make it compulsory to drive cars with lights on all the time.

Brussels is also working with the car industry to produce headlights better suited for operation during daylight. The aim is to make lights, which are not too bright for disturbing the visibility of the upcoming vehicles and should consume little energy.

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