United Air to make 2000 hirings

United Air to make 2000 hirings

United Airlines has announced that they aim to move out of bankruptcy by February next year. And they would soon be adding around 2,000 flight attendants to expand international routes. This would be first time since September 2001 terrorist attacks that they would be replacing the departing workers in their company.

They are starting to receive applications from today and the current hiring requirements are from Chicago and Washington. The airline currently has 15,500 active attendants and 1,500 more on medical or personal leave. United Air is the world’s second-largest airline and they would require these extra workers as they add on more international flights and keeps its U.S. planes in the air for more hours each day.

They are however not planning to hire pilots or other workers for the time being. The company claims that new employees stand to earn around $23,000 to $24,000 a year in total compensation. The airline had already recalled the last of its laid-off attendants as of Oct. 31. That cleared their way to start hiring new people.

UAL had earlier filed for Chapter 11 protection in December 2002.

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