Wal-Mart expects 160 million online visitors this holiday season

Wal-Mart expects 160 million online visitors this holiday season

World’s largest chain of retail stores has a strong presence on the internet too. Wal-Mart is expected to play host to around 160 million visitors to the site, up from 100 million in 2004, between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. If the company manages to achieve these numbers, their total hits on the website would reach around 500 million visits this year as per the statistics revealed by Raul Vazquez, vice president of marketing at Wal-Mart.com.

He said in a statement to a media group: “We expect 60 percent growth on our site for the year compared with analysts’ projected 18 to 25 percent. The increase is based on trends and estimates for sales and traffic this year, including the holidays.” The most popular items on their online stores are electronics.

Market analysts predict that Wal-Mart’s holiday online sales are expected to grow 25 percent to $18 billion, compared with last year’s 30 percent growth between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wal-Mart.com itself expects to boost online sales between 40 percent and 70 percent this holiday season with exclusive merchandise from electronics to music. The website has many more products on offer, which are not available on their retail stores.

However, not all the visitors on their website would be shoppers. Many users just visit their websites to see what products are available and are what prices. However, considering the competitive rates offered by Wal-Mart, many of these enquiries should end up becoming real sales for the company.

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