USA still the origin of most spam mails on the internet

USA still the origin of most spam mails on the internet

United States remains the source of the maximum amount of spam on the internet. However, their share in this dubious market is dropping down in the recent times. This was mentioned in a report released by the security software maker Sophos. As per the latest statistics, U.S. computers were responsible for about 26 of the world’s spam during the six months ending in September 2005.

This is quite a contrasting figure of around 42 percent last year. Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos said in a statement on these results: “It has been lowering for awhile… for a number of reasons. One is the antispam task forces and the authorities and the ISPs in North America are getting much better at putting into practice methods that are lowering the amount of spam.”

However, the drop in the share of USA means that the other countries are picking up. And the best examples are countries like South Korea and China where the broadband usage has picked up in the recent times. The market share of these two countries jumped from 12 and 9 percent to 20 and 16 percent respectively.

The good news however is that the total amount of Spam mail sent during the test period remained the same compared to the older figures. Canada was one of the other examples where the share of spam mail dropped considerably. It accounted for just 3 percent of the world’s share of spam mails.

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