Google and Comcast talking over AOL investment

Google and Comcast talking over AOL investment

Search Engine Giant Google is said to be in talks with the Cable Company Comcast for a possible investment in the media giant Time Warner’s America Online. If such a deal takes place, it would provide some genuine competition to the competing web services from Microsoft (MSN) and Yahoo! interestingly, Microsoft is already in talks for a similar collaboration with AOL.

This would be an interesting collaboration as AOL excels in content services, Google in search engine services and Comcast has experience with cable video distribution and telecommunications. Neither company has commented on these market rumors, which claims that the talks are in very initial stages and talks can break down any time.

Google requires a partnership or a collaboration with a content provider like AOL to form a genuine portal to provide services to its web users. Yahoo! continues to remain the world’s most popular web portal with AOL and MSN giving it tough competition. Google however remains the most used web search engine.

This deal becomes more important considering if Microsoft manages to take away the deal; it could result in breaking of the AOL’s dealing with Google with regards to their online advertisement that forms a formidable part of Google’s earning through their AdSense program.

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