Apple iPod Video is out

Yes, they did it… Apple iPod Video is out!

It’s true. It’s true. All this time we speculated on whether Apple would indeed be launching the Apple iPod Video and they indeed have. Just a couple of hours ago. Maybe, history will repeat itself and Apple would actually make watching videos on the move cool! The industry would be dreaded at the thought of Apple dominating this market as they find themselves incapable of shaking Apple’s domination of the portable digital music player market.

This latest iPod comes in two capacities of 30 GB and 60 GB and is priced between USD 299 and USD 399. It is capable of playing music, storing images and now playing videos. Users can save to it around 150 hours of digital video content for playing it later on the move. And Apple has also updated their iTunes application for Mac and Windows to sell videos along with songs from their online store.

Apple has gone in a deal with ABC and would be selling episodes of hit shows “Desperate Housewives” and “Lost” for $1.99 each. These would be made available just a day after they air on television for viewing on the new iPod’s 2.5-inch color screen. This is a rather innovative idea, which just might make the Apple iPod Video worth buying.

Many similarly capable products are already available in the market. However, finding content to play on it has always been an issue. Apple has that advantage and with Steve Jobs associated with Pixar Animation Studios and having a great reputation in the Hollywood, they are not likely to have problems with attaining content to sell on iTunes. This is really very cool news for the end consumer…

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