Will they or will they not? Apple and a possible iPod Video launch

Will they or will they not? Apple and a possible iPod Video launch

Apple is due to hold a special press conference San Jose on Wednesday (USA Time) and is expected to launch a very special product. The company has absolutely revealed no information as the invitation cards said just: “One more thing…”. No, this is typical Steve Jobs taunt to the industry, which is waiting like crazy for the arrival of this One More Thing!

Most experts and bloggers around the world are taking this as the hint of the arrival of the next generation iPod, which would support Video playback. This would enable people to carry videos on the move. There are similar products available in the market capable of doing this but nothing seems to have worked for the end consumer. And if Apple can do it right, it just might be the next big thing in the gadget world.

American Technology Research said in a report last Wednesday: “From our checks with industry and channel sources, we believe Apple will release a first-generation video-capable iPod.” However, knowing Apple and Steve Jobs, you just cannot be sure about anything till the moment it arrives. The media was expecting a mega launch of the Motorola ROKR mobile phone and they got the bigger news iPod nano instead.

Motorola Chief has even gone on records saying that an Apple iPhone might be just around the corner. We shall know within the next couple of hours for sure!

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