China is world leaders in exporting PCs and Mobile Phones

China is world leaders in exporting PCs and Mobile Phones

There is no doubt about the power China has in the today’s market. They are one of the fastest growing markets in the world and yield a lot of power when it comes to manufacturing goods. And the latest news in says that they have finally overtaken the United States as the world’s top exporter of laptop computers, mobile phones and other information and communications technology devices in 2004.

The report was released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and reports that the country exported $180 billion worth of so-called ICT goods in 2004, compared with U.S. exports of $149 billion. And if the current figures are to be believes, China would continue to head the table this year as well.

China had closed in on USA in 2003 with exports of $123 billion compared to figures of $137 billion worth of exports of ICT goods for USA. The report from OECD said: “The data show a shift toward more trade between China and other Asian countries, with a corresponding decline in ICT imports to this region from the European Union and the U.S.”.

The report does not come with any surprise considering the way Chinese manufacturers are catching up with the US giants. Chinese Lenovo recently became the third largest PC manufacturer when they acquired the PC making unit of the US giants IBM.

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