Yahoo! collaborates with Movable Type for Blogging solutions

Yahoo! collaborates with Movable Type for Blogging solutions

Yahoo Inc. has collaborated with the creators of one of the most popular third party Blogging solutions provider Six Apart Ltd. to offer Movable Type as the preferred solution for small businesses. This is just one of the latest examples of deals done by search engine giant Yahoo! to get into social networking services and collaborative tools on the internet.

They have already acquired Flickr photo service and took over a couple of days ago. Offering Movable Type would add more value to their product offerings. Yahoo! would now be offered as the preferred provider of Movable Type for small business users looking at the scale and efficiency. Anil Dash, vice president of professional products for San Francisco-based Six Apart said in a statement: “This is going to be our recommended (sales) channel for small business.”

Yahoo! would also be offering commercial blogs based on Movable Type as part of its existing small business Web-site management service. They are also in web solutions business and offer Web address, Blogging tools, and business-class e-mail services with spam and virus protections for less than $12 a month.

Six Apart Ltd. is currently also working on a version of Movable Type to run on Oracle database software. This would help them get more corporate users for their Blogging solutions. The original application from the company was developed to run on open source solutions to target the independent audiences with low cost solutions.

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