Sony to suspend manufacturing of Anti-piracy Music CDs

Sony to suspend manufacturing of Anti-piracy Music CDs

Entertainment giant Sony has finally announced that they are suspending the production of their music CDs that are loaded with controversial anti-piracy mechanism. These measures installed hidden software on the MS Windows based machines to limit the number of times the CD can be replicated on it. However, the mechanism has been so insecure that the concept has been picked up hackers to develop spywares and worms based on it.

Sony has however claimed that they standby their right to prevent users from pirating songs and other digital content from the CDs. They are however halting the manufacturing of these disks, which used XCP technology. Sony said in a statement: “We also intend to re-examine all aspects of our content protection initiative to be sure that it continues to meet our goals of security and ease of consumer use.”

Sony BMG Music Entertainment had used this technology in at least 20 of their popular music titles that included releases by Van Zant and The Bad Plus. However, the security expert Mark Russinovich who discovered this flaw in their mechanism is still disappointed. The basic fact is that the company took too long to take this decision and still does not admit that they are at fault here.

In addition, Sony has not said that they will not be using this technology in the future. Several security researchers have already labeled this technology as Spyware considering it is difficult to remove and transmits without warning details about what music is playing. In addition, the consumer was not adequately informed about what happens when he plays the CD in his computer.

In fact, several security software companies have issued updates to their programs, which detect the presence of the Sony’s hidden files and disable them.

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