Yahoo! to restrict access to adult chat rooms

Yahoo! to restrict access to adult chat rooms

Yahoo! has been facing issues with their chat rooms since quite sometime now. Earlier, they were blamed for not moderating the user created chat rooms, which were said to be using for illegal purposes. And now, the latest issue is related to the adult rooms on their servers that are accessible by everyone including kids below the age of 18 years.

The search engine giant has now announced that they plan to restrict access to such rooms to users above the age limit of 18. They have gone into an agreement with the attorneys general of New York and Nebraska is the first to institute system wide controls over chat rooms susceptible to be used for such illegal chats.

The company had earlier disabled all the user created chat rooms on June 15 and is still considering whether to open them again with proper moderation in place. They have also recently removed or barred the posting of 70,000 rooms whose names suggested illegal conduct. This alone constitutes around 11.4 percent of the 614,000 names Yahoo reviewed.

The company has also pledged to donate $175,000 to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s New York affiliates and additional free online advertising to promote Internet safety.

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