Inquisitor Instant Search: Google on Steroids

Inquisitor Instant Search: Google on Steroids

It has been so long that we had something exciting on the enhanced searching market. Most of the search engines are concerned into developing sub-sections aimed at categorized searching like blogs and media. However, the ease of making searching fun is still to be addressed. Google did address that by adding Google Suggest functionality, which helped fill the search box automatically when the user is typing his search keyword. Yahoo! chipped in with their own Yahoo! Search – Instant Search.

The latest in this series is from a third party and it is called Inquisitor Instant Search. Thankfully, it uses the Google’s Search Engine and probably their Suggest engine too. And using AJAX technology, it displays the suggested keywords and top results while the user is typing in his keyword in a nicely laid out template.

They also add more with links to other third party search engines, which the user can click to carry his search forward. Pretty interesting concept, which is in beta stage currently and has a huge potential to become the default search page of people looking for good results (powered by Google) and usability.

The developers say that this web application works fine in the recent versions of the Firefox, Safari, or Opera (or a derivative like OmniWeb or Camino). And they are working actively on improving the services and quality of the product. Keep an eye on this one!

Check out: Inquisitor Instant Search

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